Re: [NTLK] More Newton goodies to clear

From: Adriano (
Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 20:29:44 PST

[Pounds double Dollar]
18.00 are equal to $35.11 (paypal exchange rates) - a good price for a
16MB flash memory?
Yes, for sure for me here in Italy, cause those cards are really hard
to find here

The Apple Serial "Cigarette" Fax Modem Ian sells it at the best price
of 20
so now take a look at and you
will find it out for just 1 dollar

I received all the help i need on NTLK to keep software and people in
the forum help me to try the hardware for cheap
and the best pleasure i think is in keeping Newton alive everyday better

On this forum we are experiencing a little tech miracle cause the
Newton MessagePad is out of production since 1997 but NTLK and the
Newton Web Ring
are mantaining the Newton project popular the same as those past years

If the sellers will continue to raise the prices on used Newton
compatible items we will not have the chance to let community grow up
free from commercial thoughts

As i said in my past mail, my intention is just not to be unfriendly
with Ian and as you know he will probably sell all his items the same!
But with his prices, he will reach the half of the people interested on
the MessagePad......this is why i am talking about him on NTLK


Marty wrote:

In my received email it came through looking like this:

   Apple Newton 16mb Linear Flash Card 5736030815 =A318.00

Which is actually 18.00 pounds.

Hope this helps clarify? or maybe his prices are still too high?


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