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Date: Mon Dec 06 2004 - 21:54:11 PST

Ok, this is the idea:

I have, what is effectively a static ip, at two locations. I want to set
the Newton up to serve from either of these two locations. As I am usually
at one or the other.

It will be connected to a wireless routers.

When I pick out my domain name, how do I point it at these separate ip's?

Someone suggested using this:

I don't quite know how this works and hope that someone can explain.

Regarding the form, that I want to collect, it is basically a survey, which
I want to post the results of on an ongoing basis.


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In a previous message, paul oberman typed vigorously:

>i intend to set up a newton server and i have some questions about
>serving from two different ip addresses. is it possible? can you
>point a DNS to two separate ip addresses?

What exactly are you trying to do? Assign two separate IP addresses to
the Newton? This can't really be done, unless you're thinking of an
external public IP address and another IP that is only accessible from an
internal subnet. I guess I'm just not clear as to what you are trying to

>second, what are the limitations of NPDS? what kind of forms can
>i create? can i have a list with boxes to check and then save the
>results as a file?

You can serve any type of valid HTML, including complex forms. However,
the Newton cannot capture or process that form data. You would need to
point the form action at a CGI or other form processor hosted on another
site. The built-in form-based functions included in the NPDS packages are
simply for supporting its own utilities and plug-ins - posted notes;
searching names; the webpager interface; etc.

Unless Paul G. knows some other tricks, I suppose you could probably
write a NewtonScript which grabs form field data and spits out the
results into a note. Never tried anything like that myself.



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