Re: [NTLK] more Newton goodies for sale

From: Russ Bravo (
Date: Tue Dec 07 2004 - 02:23:08 PST

Well, as a UK-based buyer/seller/collector/user of Newtons of all
shapes and sizes, my take is:

1 Introducing the Newton to new users is good news all round for the
2 Market forces on eBay will decide prices locally (eg they will be
higher in the UK and Europe than in the US, because units and
accessories are not so readily available)
3 Some sellers may try to overcharge and sting buyers with excessive
postage. But if buyers won't pay those prices, the prices will soon
come down. Market forces, again.

I love the Newton platform, use Newtons in my work and leisure, and
enjoy buying, selling, collecting and using them.

I'll always try to provide units and accessories at good prices for
Newtontalkers, and others I've dealt with before, and where I can, help
people get the best out of them. Some of the things I sell I just meet
my costs (particularly after repair work by Uncle Frank G and other
technical wizards), some I make a little profit, some I end up out of

eBay is wonderfully unpredictable - eg I've sold Newton keyboards for
GB 10, yet one bizarrely fetched GB 56, only about 18 months ago!

Anyhow, Frank and I and others are doing our bit for the repopulation
of Europe with Newtons :)

Russ, UK

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