[NTLK] Newtsync deleting extra e-mail addresses!

From: Tim Skrastins (timskrastins_at_mac.com)
Date: Tue Dec 07 2004 - 06:09:01 PST

Hello all - I'm back on the list after an 18 mo hiatus (those jaggies
really cranked me off & I went to the paper & pen PDA for a while!)

Anyway, I love how far things have come with NewtSync & Wifi, etc. I've
been using NewtSync (v 0.3.3) lately and suddenly realized that since
using it, any contacts in my OS X Address book that had multiple e-mail
addresses suddenly only have one e-mail address, and in most cases,
it's not the e-mail address I usually used!

Does anyone know how to correct this behavior? If not, is there any way
to just get NewtSync to transfer data from the mac to the Newt and not
erase any Mac data? (yes I do have the box checked to use the mac entry
if data has been changed in both places). And finally, I don't suppose
there is any way of getting my deleted data back is there? (aarrrrggg!)



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