Re: [NTLK] German & English dicts on a newt?

From: Michael Schaefer (
Date: Tue Dec 07 2004 - 15:34:40 PST

>Michael, can you tell me where to turn this on, I've never seen this
>function and now start to wonder if there's something wrong with my
>PowerTrans installation.
>Robert Benschop


   The HWR was a seperate package. It doesn't come standard with the Power
Trans System. It was $20 ( PT is 38 ) . If you do have it installed ( you
can download it from their website and try it out first ) tap on the carat
and at the bottom are the options English and Deutsch. Just select the one
you want to use.

I had to contact the guy as you cannot buy it from the website. Note that
the manual is in german only but if you want the ability to write in German
I guess that won't be a problem.


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