Re: [NTLK] TextSync help needed!

From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Tue Dec 07 2004 - 19:55:07 PST

On Dec 7, 2004, at 4:36 PM, Dan Fackler wrote:

> Greetings!
> I'm relatively new to OS X(Jaguar) and am having trouble getting
> TextSync to
> work. NewtSync works like a champ. My initial problem(quoted from the
> installation instructions):
> "Once you download TextSync, you should have a folder with three items
> in
> it. One of those should be called TextSync.bundle. In order for
> NewtSync to
> find our plugin, it needs to be in
> ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/nSync/Plug-ins.
The tilde or squiggle here represents your home directory.
> You may have to create that folder. Be sure you get
> the spelling exactly right. Then just drag TextSync.bundle into that
> magical
> folder and you're all set to go."
> Where do I create this folder? I don't (yet) speak UNIX, and my son is
> off
> at college...
Go to the finder, click on home, now look for

Is there already a folder called nSync? if so navigate there. Now
look for the folder Plug-ins... If it's not there, you can go ahead
and make it.

Double check your speliing... You should be good to go.

Hope this helps,

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