Re: [NTLK] Heaven or Hell acting strange

From: Dr. Thomas Isenbarger (
Date: Wed Dec 08 2004 - 06:03:18 PST

On Dec 7, 2004, at 10:05 PM, Matthew Reidsma wrote:

> Thomas A Isenbarger wrote:
>> Now my Heaven or Hell app is starting to act funny. When it
>> activates,
>> either upon power down (as I have it set) or when I launch it and tap
>> the check now button, the window pops up, but immediately goes away.
> I had this same problem, which I think appeared immediately after I
> switched CF cards from a 4Mb to a 64Mb. I didn't change the version of
> ATA support, but I remember after switching Heaven or Hell stopped
> scanning and just immediately dismissed itself. In any rate, after
> about
> a day I just deleted the app, since I have every other conceivable -61
> error app installed.
> I now feel like maybe I should have emailed Paul about it, but I didn't
> really think there was much of a connection at the time.
> So, I guess to ask, are you using ATA support, and have you changed
> cards lately? Or have you done anything else (even if it seems
> unconnected) with your setup when this started happening?

I do have the app on a CF card, using ATA support to access that card,
but that is not new. I have been set up like that for quite a long
time with no problems using H or H. The only thing I can recall doing
before this behavior was installing a few apps and moving them (and
maybe some others) from one store to another and filing them
appropriately in Applications or Utilities folders.

Is there another -61 error app that you'd recommend I use instead?

Tom Isenbarger

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