[NTLK] Notes2Notes Connection issue

From: gmoody_at_gmx.net
Date: Wed Dec 08 2004 - 12:08:41 PST

Hi Folks,

I have just started using LookOut on my MP2100, which seems to work well
with Outlook 2002, and also wanted to sync my notes with Outlook=2E Looko=
does not do this, but an enterprising developer, Brad Smith and later Shan=
Hill, put together an little app to do this called Notes2Notes=2E

However, I am having apparent difficulties in connecting=2E I'm running t=
Notes2Notes-2=2E1b3=2Eexe version of Notes2Notes, and the 2=2E1-2 version =
Steve Weyer's Sloup=2E When I press the "Refresh Newton" button, less tha=
1K of data is read in, the connection freezes, and after 15 seconds, and
error dialog appears that staes that the "Serial Port not responding for 1=
seconds - Check the COM Port Settings both Here and on Sloup - Abort -
Retry - Ignore"=2E

I've tried every speed setting from 38=2E4k to 9=2E6K, and every permutati=
thereof=2E I've tried 1 to 3 instances of SlowDown to slow the laptop dow=
(1=2E6GHz Pentium - WinXP)=2E I even rebooted the Newton and prevented an=
extensions (including internal) from loading to eliminate HyperNewt as a
culprit=2E I am now officially, at a complete loss on what to try next=2E=

Now, I do have a lot of notes (8 years worth)=2E Could this be an issue?

If anyone has any experience with this app, please enlighten me=2E=2E=2E

Thanks and regards,


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