Re: [NTLK] No sound on MP2kU. As if on mute.

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 06:43:34 PST

If you do not hesitate to open your Newt, it should be a piece of cake...
1) open the Newt
2) locate the cable to the speaker and the related connector
3) check if the connector is well seated and the wires are not loose
4) check the connection on the speaker side (especially the soldering
at that point it might be needed and is advised to re-solder the speaker
A simple ohm-meter or multimeter or even a continuity tester would be of
great help
in finding the weak connection.


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> Ok, so I think I'm convinced that its a loose connection inside the
> device. A gentle squeeze around the case near the speaker causes audio
> to come back.

> I hope its a connnector, and not a cracked board. My newt's old, but
> never dropped or abused... Has anyone experienced a problem like this
> and is it a simple fix? Perhaps someone who's taken their device apart
> can give me some troubleshooting advice?

> Jake

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