[NTLK] Headphone and Microphone Jack Upgrade

From: Jeffrey McMurtrie (jeffrey.mcmurtrie_at_rogers.com)
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 08:43:31 PST

Hi Everyone,

I'd just like to inform you that because of the US
dollars fluctuations, we've decided to lower our
prices to all of our customers. For either the
headphone or microphone jack upgrade, the price is now
$29.95(CAD), and for both it's now $49.95(CAD). Until
the 15th of this month, we're reducing our prices even
further as our way of saying 'Merry Christmas.' For
either the headphone or microphone jack upgrade, the
cost is $27.49(CAD), or for both only $44.95(CAD). As
before, free return shipping will be in effect until
December 31st if you order both the headphone and
microphone jack upgrades, or, if you live nearby and
pick up your Newton, our shipping cost will be
returned in cash if you buy both upgrades. Last but
not least, all early adopters don't fear! For your
loyalty we will return the difference between our
special rates valid until the 15th, and what you paid.

Thanks for your time and patronage,

Jeffrey McMurtrie
CEO, HandMedia

Web: www.hand-media.com
Email: jeffrey.mcmurtrie_at_hand-media.com

P.S. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'm
more than willing to answer any questions.

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