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From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Thu Dec 09 2004 - 19:17:31 PST

On Dec 9, 2004, at 5:24 PM, Benedek Gergely wrote:

> Ive been using NTK and Steve Weyer's Newt(great stuff) to try and get
> into Newton development. But sadly I find it tough to get my head round
> Newton script. Im only familiar with other languages along the lines of
> Old school basic i.e. BBC basic, OPL (on the psion series), qbasic and
> then C.
> Newtonscript seems so unwieldy, I can write enough to get an app with
> some input fields and add buttons, but im not really sure of what im
> doing. I cant for instance figure out how the hell you add two
> variables together.
> Any tips, sources of broken down examples or should I try out NS-BASIC
> ?

My recollection is that Steve has a package of Newt examples available
on his web site also. So you can load some to the Newt and


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