[NTLK] Errors with SimpleMail 4.3.2 (-48402 and -8007)

From: Peter Rand (peter.rand_at_softhome.net)
Date: Sat Dec 11 2004 - 11:52:04 PST


I'm looking for some suggestions to help me deal with the following problem:

Over the last few days I've installed a bunch of new apps on my Newt,
and now I am unable to route
Notes or NewtWorks texts to my Outbox or send items from the Outbox via
SimpleMail 4.3.2.
When I do, I get consistent -48402 and -8007 errors. So while I can
receive mails, I am now unable
to send them.

The apps I've installed include the latest version of SimpleMail,
Hiroshi's 802.11b WaveLAN driver
and other things needed to make the WiFi card work, like "NIE Ethernet
Module" and "Newton Devices".

I searched the archives for comments about -48402 and -8007 errors, and
found the item below. Interestingly
enough, the errors which were encountered also involved a WLan card and
Simplemail. I tried deleting my wireless/ethernet
setup as Chris Fava recommended, but that doesn't seem to fix the
routing error/mail sending problems.

I'd be grateful for any advice, since I'm at a complete loss at what to
do now.



List: newtontalk
Subject: [NTLK] Errors with WaveLan Silver Card (-48402 and -8007)
From: Chris Fava <TranceFusion () mac ! com>
Date: 2003-05-30

Okay, so Iım playing with my Silver card in the Newt, trying like heck to
configure it to get on my Airport network, and all of the sudden while
trying to connect I get errors ­48402 (Expected a String), followed by ­8007
(Exception not handled). This happens every time, even after soft resets.
Iım getting the same exact errors now even if I use my Etherlink card, which
has always worked before with no problems. This means I cannot use
SimpleMail or connect to NCU unless I use serial (ugh!).
I was GOING to ask for advice from the list, however remarkably Iıve just
solved my own problem, and thought Iıd post my solution anyway. I deleted
the Internet Setup that I was using for wireless, leaving only the Ethernet
setup. Now Ethernet works fine again.

Now I wish I could get Airport working, but Iıve fooled with things for
about 2 hours unsuccessfully. Iıll have to wait til Iım good and ready


Have a good weekend, all!


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