Re: [NTLK] Not quite a Newton

From: PaulMmn (
Date: Sat Dec 11 2004 - 13:06:58 PST

If you look at the pen tablets from (insert forgotten company name
here), including the version that has overlain the display screen
with the pen surface (gee-- sounds like a Newton, no?) the
manipulation of the GUI (desktop GUI included) can be performed by
the pen on the screen. The missing piece is still the keyboard
interaction / handwriting recognition.

--Paul E Musselman

> >It's not quite a Newton, but it's interesting...
>Hm, so this thing could be seriously slimmed down by not adding all
>those harddrives etc.. I do wonder though if this could be done with
>a G4, woudln't one run into serious ventilation problems?
>The old problem is still there though: OSX has a desktop GUI, not a
>pen-based one.
>Oliver :)

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