[NTLK] Printing with Blunt

From: Adriano (adriano.angelillis_at_gmail.com)
Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 09:06:29 PST

Hi all

  - just some news about the newton bluetooth capabilities -

Paired the eMate (and/or the MP2100) with Mac OS X via Blunt then run
Bluetooth Print Bridge utility on the OS X desktop
(home page http://www.scriptsoftware.com/bpb/) and sent a note from the
MessagePad to the desktop

The BT Print bridge received the OBeX file and prepaired it for
printing, so the OS X printing menu appeared and i have been able to
print or save the note as a .pdf file

The print bridge utility also allows to choose the font and dimensions
of the printing (not worked in demo mode - the print bridge utility is
a shareware)

I used the Bluetooth print bridge utility with my Nokia 7600 so i tried
it with the MessagePad and everything gone fine

Some useful reports of my experiences:
  - Everything work with the eMate the same as with the MP2100
  - OBeX do not work from Newton Works app
  - i am not able to send/print drawings copied/pasted to Note app from
Newton Works app
(tried it a lot of times, but always report error #-48214, then have to
do a reset to have things working stable again)

Some infos about the experience i had pairing the eMate and the MP2100
with the Nokia 7600:
  - Nokia7600 accept vCards sent via OBeX push (port10) from the
  - The modem services of the Nokia7600 are available on port3 (it's
clearly listed on the Bluetooth Setup window), but never tried the

Blunt worked with my Siemens S55 too, if you need help on have it
paired with Blunt i can report some tricks

Adriano ^_^

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