Re: [NTLK] broken 130 wanted

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Mon Dec 13 2004 - 16:47:00 PST

> I was wondering if someone had a broken newton 130 I could buy/have?
> I want to have a crack at seeing if I can replace the backlight, i know
> the bottom three layers arnt meant to come apart, but im sure with some
> friendly preswading and a bit of Macgyver Magic I can manage something.
> Anyone tried this already? (and want to save me stabbing my thumb with
> a jewellers screwdriver a few times trying)

I have tried this once, but wasn't able to figure out a way to replace
the 130's backlight without destroying the connection between the LCD
and the LCD's electronics. That doesn't mean it isn't possible, it only
means I did not succeed.

If you pay for shipping, I could probably dig up a broken display and send
it your way for free. If you donate at least 5 USD or Euros to either
the Worldwide Newton Association (
or NewtonTalk (, shipping will be on me.



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