[NTLK] Still problem with Nokia 6310i and Pico BT

From: Fidefix (fidefix_at_online.de)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 11:46:01 PST

Hey again,

I still have problems in getting my Newton connected to a Nokia 6310i as
GPRS-modem via Bluetooth.
So far: Discovering works fine, discovering services too. Pairing seems to
work also. I use Blunt 0.7.7, NIE Nitro & Blunt Module with a Pico Bluetooth
But when it gets to connect for internet the nokia 6310i disconnects
immediately after connecting to the newton.
As Modem port in the Bluetooth Setup I use "dial-up Network".
The settings in Internet-Setup:
Protocol: PPP
Configuration: Server
LoginScript: atdt*99#, LF, Wait for connect..

Another Internet Setup for IrComm-Connection to the 6310i works fine with
the same settings for login-scipt, server and so on..

Does anybody have the same problems here?
Anybody knows how to fix this problem?
Thank you

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