[NTLK] Message for Paul Curtis

From: Frank Gruendel (fg2_at_pda-soft.de)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 17:29:13 PST

Sorry, list. There seem to be forces out there that one
does not have the fraction of a chance against.
Like e. g. getting through Outlook rules to the mailbox
of someone doing his best to clear the way for you.

Paul, if your package resides on my staircase for much
longer, my wife will probably divorce me. She has been
running around with this frightening look in her eyes
for days.
The total amount I'd like you to PayPal to the address
this mail is from is 220.66 Euros. As soon as you send
me your current postal address, the package will be on
its way and my marriage will be saved. If ever we find
a way to get ALL my mails through your filter EVERY time,
I will explain everything in more detail.


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