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Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 05:59:30 PST

The Newton is/was a commercial product! People paid big money for it and for
accessories like memory cards and batteries.
No kidding! I'm one of them. I didn't get mine brand new, but I fought and
clawed my way in and purchased a few units, several of which I passed on to
There is nothing wrong with selling Newton related stuff, a long as it is
done in an honest and fair fashion.
I agree. However, lately, there have been instances where somebody posted
that they were selling an item for cheap, and a known Ebayer merchant (I'm
politely refraining from naming the person) immediately swooped in to get the item,
with the intent of turning around and reselling it for a profit. That's not
in line with the spirit of this community. Or, do you think it's fair for Ebay
merchants to piggyback their sales off of this web site?
We NEED to be willing to spend money, if we want to be able to continue to
enjoy the fruits of software developers, who ultimately are the most important
contributors to this community.
I totally agree with you, Marty. I recently tried to garner support from WNA
people to help nurture a relationship I was building with a former Newton
developer overseas. Their ambivalence surprised me. The developer eventually
informed me that he was selling all of his Newton sh%t to pursue non-Newton
software initiatives. He was not seeking freebies or anything, but if this
relationship had been properly cultivated, we might not have lost this developer and
his support. Stupid things like this get me PO'd.
While we certainly all appreciate you efforts Matt, you continued negativism
toward other people here, and your attitude is clearly not a positive.
Thanks you. I found a way to utilize my existing skills, to help make regular
contributions to the Worldwide Newton Community. If I found a way to create
something meaningful, there's no reason why others can't do so as well. As
for perceived negativity, I see no reason for you or anybody else to feel
threatened. I see it as addressing things that should be addressed. Or, we could
all live in a happy dream world and continue reminiscing over what Steve Jobs
could have or should have done back in 1996. Yeah. That's helpful.
Regular griping and finger pointing is a powerful destructive force. Is that
what you want your contribution to be?

I have been tough on Luiz. He obviously copied Wilbur's hat offer idea, for
whatever reason, but if that leads to more Newton hats seen in public places,
that could be a good thing. I'm always skeptical of people that claim to have
companies behind them, when they don't post business mailing addresses or
links to solid business web sites. I'm also skeptical when people talk about
producing electronic publications, and every fifth word (I exaggerate slightly) in
their announcement is misspelled. It raises red flags.
I'll go on record to say that I applaud any efforts that Luiz might be making
to help build a stronger Newton 'colony' in Latin America, and to strengthen
our global community of Newton users. If Luiz has a publications team in his
office, he COULD produce eBooks or, street maps and highway maps. There's a lot
of ways to show support, besides making 'Newton purses' and desk stands.
Everything I do is borne out of good intentions for the continued
sustainability and growth of this Community (You don't have to pay a membership fee to
benefit from my efforts, either). I assure you that the time I spend actually
using a Newton is only 1/100th of the time that I dedicate to research and
production of eBooks, communications liaison work, etc. I think what I've achieved
in a relatively short time is notable.
I'm not about group hugging and building self-esteem. I'm about making
something happen and getting results.
Now, dust off those bruised egos and smile for me.
Matt K.

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