[NTLK] Audio Note Player - Tech help

From: Goodwin, Greg (GoodwinG_at_aafes.com)
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 08:52:18 PST

      Before I start my question, my thanks to those that have made
Mods, Mp3's and other things possible on the Newton. :-)

      I've been having fun recording Audio notes... music.. on the
Newton. It works for me at least. Sounds like a patchy mostly tuned AM
channel, but hey, it works. :-)


      Here's the question. I would like to make a simple app to play a
string of Newton recordings. (Rather than open one, play it, etc).


      I think something like the "select all" app for Notes would be
great for this. Perhaps let you select all, or individually select
some, and them a "play 'em" button.


      That's it. Any tech suggestions? Is there some source code out
there dealing with Newton audio notes and code for apps that work from
the notes list?




Doctor Clu

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