[NTLK] To Mr. Matt K. - An Official Invitation

From: Luiz Petroni (lpetroni_at_compassoarte.com.br)
Date: Wed Dec 15 2004 - 14:09:36 PST

Hi Matt,

I would like to thank your for all your feedback which I'm sure were=20
made with the intention to help NewtMEDIA and contribute to the=20
community. Of course others replied with different points of view and=20
suggestions that, maybe, were more proactive than yours but this is=20
what a community is, different opinions with the same objective.

> Everything I do is borne out of good intentions for the continued
> sustainability and growth of this Community (You don't have to pay a=20=

> membership fee to
> benefit from my efforts, either). I assure you that the time I spend=20=

> actually
> using a Newton is only 1/100th of the time that I dedicate to research=20=

> and
> production of eBooks, communications liaison work, etc. I think what=20=

> I've achieved
> in a relatively short time is notable.

Based on this paragraph and also your previous posts it seems that you=20=

are really an enthusiast of the platform and that you are really=20
decided to contribute with the community.

So, we are inviting you to partner with us in the development and=20
production of NewtBITS.

I'm sure this will be the best way for us to prove ourselves that both=20=

of us were right in our points of view, and that working together we=20
will find new ways to contribute more effectively to the community.

> I'm also skeptical when people talk about
> producing electronic publications, and every fifth word (I exaggerate=20=

> slightly) in
> their announcement is misspelled. It raises red flags.

I would like to kindly invite you to help us with the revision of our=20
writings be it in our technical articles or editorials. We live in=20
Brazil and although we try to write carefully we still making mistakes=20=

as English is not our native language.

Your contribution in this area would be of great help.
Of course we are open to receive any articles you would like to=20

> I'm always skeptical of people that claim to have
> companies behind them, when they don't post business mailing addresses=20=

> or
> links to solid business web sites.

Mailing Address:
Compasso Arte Editora=E7=E3o Ltda.
Rua Manuel Jacinto 900
05624-001 Sao Paulo/SP Brazil

Web Site:
Sorry not yet online - we decided to start with newtMEDIA first.
Based on your comments not a good choice but we still thinking it was a=20=

good choice.

> I'll go on record to say that I applaud any efforts that Luiz might be=20=

> making
> to help build a stronger Newton 'colony' in Latin America, and to=20
> strengthen
> our global community of Newton users.

Thanks, you will soon hear about our group.

> If Luiz has a publications team in his
> office, he COULD produce eBooks or, street maps and highway maps.=20
> There's a lot
> of ways to show support, besides making 'Newton purses' and desk=20
> stands.

Matt, bear in mind that we are just starting NewtMEDIA.
Besides making desk stands, bags and other merchandise items we intend=20=

to produce eBooks and if possible, some programs (in NSBasic which more=20=

compatible with my programming skills - maybe Andre will have time to=20
produce something in NewtonScript in the future).

I've a SER-001 and a 220MHz upgrade uninstalled for future photos and=20
reviews; I will try to contact the manufacturers of these items for=20
interviews and more technical background and I also will have the=20
contribution of other members that emailed me to offer help.

I also have a good knowledge of the Option Globetrotter GPRS card which=20=

I bought with the purpose of reviewing and producing some scripts. So=20
far I've been using it to access the internet and make calls - it will=20=

be a good article with photos and instructions - I will contact others=20=

that already use this card so that we can make a complete review.

Andre Garzia is a skilled programmer and also have a very good style of=20=

writing. His contributions will be valuable too. We will also be=20
contacting others to ask about their interest in contributing to the=20
magazine with articles or regular sections.

Again, if someone would like to contribute please email me directly.

> I'm not about group hugging and building self-esteem. I'm about =
> something happen and getting results.

So here is a good opportunity. We are not in NewtBITS "to make a buck"=20=

but to contribute to the community and we count on you to help us in=20
this project.

Hoping to hear about your agreement to our proposal.


Luiz Petroni
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