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From: Joel M. Sciamma (joel_at_inventors-emporium.co.uk)
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 02:23:49 PST


I purchased some old stock from a UK company recently and I am making them
available to the list at cost + postage from the UK to anywhere.

Please email me off-list if you are interested in any of these items.

Do mention your country so I can calculate the correct postage if you want
an estimate.

Qty Description USD GBP

7 Newton 9W Power adaptors - all tested for $20.00 ea. =A310.80 ea.
   correct output voltage (7.40V =B10.03V)
   Connectors cleaned with DeoxIt D5.
   Require no socket adaptor for USA.
   Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 20-35VA,
   Rated output DC 7.5V 1.2A.
   Suitable for all Newtons.

1 9W socket adaptor - 2 round pin for Europe. $5.00 =A32.70

2 9W socket adaptors - 2 flat pin at 60=B0 for $5.00 ea. =A32.70 ea.

2 MessagePad Wireless Communications cases - $25.00 ea =A313.50 ea.
   leather with external pocket for phone.
   As new, one with original label.

2 Mac serial cables (miniDIN), grey, 2m - $8.00 ea. =A34.30 ea.
   tested by docking with Newton.

1 eMate stylus - green and silver, unused in $4.00 ea. =A32.20 ea.
   original packing.

Payment by PayPal only - apologies if this is inconvenient for some.

All prices are exclusive of postage and any local taxes.

Items will be properly packed and protected to withstand the rigours of the
postal system.

Joel Sciamma.

Inventors Emporium

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