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From: Dan (
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 08:08:19 PST

> Drawing (newtpaint) & writing poems(notes)=2E I keep an old stylewriter II=
> just to print the things I do with the newton, then I scan onto my
> computer=2E I never found the way to exchange images between Newtpaint and=
> my
> PC=2E

Well one way to get Newtpaint images to your desktop is with X-port (not
free but a great app and well worth it). That is the best way I have
found. The next best soltuion is by using Newton ToolKit with its
screen capture option. Just make sure you set your desktop for 256
colors or it won't transfer properly.

One advantage of X-port is you can transfer your images back to the
Newton. I seem to remember transfering a Newtpaint drawing back to the
Notepad (with X-port), moving it to clipboard then pasting it back into
Newtpaint for further editing. I am not 100% sure that is how I did it
though, it has been awhile. I will have to check.


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