[NTLK] NewtPaint & X-Port (was Re: Survey/Poll for the Newton People...)

From: volcano_at_menta.net
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 11:31:04 PST

> Well one way to get Newtpaint images to your desktop is with X-port (not=
> free but a great app and well worth it)=2E That is the best way I have=20=

> found=2E The next best soltuion is by using Newton ToolKit with its=20
> screen capture option=2E Just make sure you set your desktop for 256=20=

> colors or it won't transfer properly=2E

The problem is that, AFAIK X-port is no longer available (if it is not the=

case, please correct me!)=2E IIRC X-port is able to transfer NewtPaint ima=
directly to PICT, which is, well, primitive, but much better than the
process I am actually doing=2E

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