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From: Brian (
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 03:50:28 PST

On Friday, December 17, 2004, at 12:07 AM,
> The problem is that, AFAIK X-port is no longer available (if it is not
> the=
> case, please correct me!)=2E IIRC X-port is able to transfer NewtPaint
> ima=
> ges
> directly to PICT, which is, well, primitive, but much better than the
> process I am actually doing=2E

What is up with all the weird characters?

Anyway, the fact that Xport is still available comes up here often, the
last time this was talked about was 11/02/04.
Maybe you missed it.



HTH. I am a BIG XPort fan. I would give up all my other add-ons and
keep this (OK I'd hate to make that choice, but it does a lot for one
util). If you need to export your stuff much, this is the way to go.
It's also my app of choice for doing anything with Windows
connectivity. NCU/ Windows was too much of a headache.


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