Re: [NTLK] mad max question

From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 10:27:58 PST

On Dec 20, 2004, at 10:18 AM, John Tubbs wrote:

> After cleaning up a bit memory by ditching some old extensions, I now
> only get the "HTTP Error - Error code 404" this is just after MAD Max
> tells it's "receiving headers" from any of the links from RadioFree
> Newton. No longer is MAD Max just disconnecting as it was before.
> I'm stumped. I get no 404 errors doing anything else on the Newton
> (newtscape, courier, checking email just fine...) So I don't think I'm
> having DNS problems.

Maybe it's a bad URL? Sorry if this is too simple, but I always like
to triple check the simple stuff first...


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