[NTLK] Zapped Flash Card...HELP!

From: Tony (tony_at_isetsu.net)
Date: Mon Dec 20 2004 - 17:47:07 PST

I think that my MP2100 zapped my 32MB flash card. I was installing
programs using a serial connection to my mac, and NCU disconnected me
in the middle, which in turn froze the newton. I reset the newton, and
when it tried to mount the card, it gives this error:

This unformatted card is write protected. To format the card remove it,
unlock it, then reinsert the card.

The card was working fine before this, and doesn't have a write protect
switch on it.

I put the card in my PB3400 and the first time i did this, it asked
would I like to format this 16MB card, and later when i tried again, it
asked if i want to format this 6MB card, so the card seems to be losing

I also have another 4MB card which still works despite this. Both cards
were in the newton, the 32MB card in the lower slot, the 4MB in the
upper, when the Newton froze.

Any help much appreciated.

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