Re: [NTLK] mad max question

From: John Tubbs (
Date: Tue Dec 21 2004 - 11:54:34 PST

and now more news on my Mad Newton problems...

I built a short playlist of newton capable mp3's. I can get to that
with Mad Newton using the url with the ip number. No problems. It's in
the same domain.

It's when I try to get to m3u files via LauchPLS or manually inputted
url's (using ip's) that are outside my domain the newton can not see
them. However I don't think it's firewall or other filtering issue
since my mac sitting on the same subnet/domain can see the same url's
just fine from within iTunes. The programs I'm trying to get to are
not newton unfriendly streams. They are all from RadioFreeNewton. I
always start receiving from the site, then quite quickly I get a http
404 error.

I'm puzzled, but that's pretty easy since I'm not a programmer/network
guy. But are there any ideas why the Mad Newton cannot see
servers/streams outside of my local network? I can get to web pages
with Newtscape and Courier so my Internet setup seems to be working.

Thanks again.

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