Re: [NTLK] Zapped Flash Card...HELP!

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 06:40:10 PST

Humphreys, David wrote:
> I have a dual PCMCIA card slot and software.
> This is a low level reader/writer that allows me to read or write on a byte
> by byte basis.
> This means that I can backup any card regardless of format.
> I just create an image file of the card. This can be written back to a card
> at a later date. Backup like this takes about a minute for a 20MB card.
> Duplication is made trivial. I have 4 Newtons and once an image file is
> made I have four identical cards in under 5 minutes.
> Also, rom cards can be backed up if you use a card with no attribute memory
> to copy to.
> However, cost might be a factor for some people and it assumes a basic
> level of competency.

Wow. That's a nice setup.

Even just their software looks like it could be really used to repair CIS info
on a card (something that I'd like to do on two cards).

But through some searching I found reference to a utility Microsoft called
DTPL.EXE which will read and decode the CIS info, so I'll at least be able to
verify that the card's data is corrupt (I have a 16MB Pretec linear card that
got killed by an old test version of ATA Support, back when I was testing for

So maybe with this I can check the CIS data, and with Linux I can raw
read-write it...

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