Re: [NTLK] Newtie award voting time

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 14:11:42 PST

> And one last kind thought; Listen, I know who that
> joker was who voted for me last year. Don't do this
> again, or I'll hafta send the Kasko-Squad over ta snap
> yer legs, brodda! This is a respectable election, not
> one of your lame-assed, willynilly presidential elections
> or like joke. This is serious and honorable, and I won't
> have anybody ruin it for the people of Newtonia.

Argh. If only I had read this two minutes earlier. Well,
guess I will have to chill the champagne now. Maybe this
will keep the Kasko-Squad busy for long enough to allow
me a safe escape. If not, you should be aware that there
are sealed envelopes containing your real name and address
in the vaults of lawyers all over the world. Said lawyers
will send copies of their envelope's content to all leading
newspapers unless I show up every four weeks at their office.
So you might reconsider and keep your squad off my back.
Apart from that: Who, do you think, will fix your
Newtons at THAT price next time??

Folks, if you want Newton service in the future, you might want
to talk Mr. Vollkasko out of this.

Frank (who has unsuccessfully spent the last two days trying to
get a cylinder head for his 1981 volkswagen bus that even
volkswagen doesn't sell anymore).

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