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From: Clayton Mitchell (
Date: Wed Dec 22 2004 - 15:37:25 PST

Good question

> We have no battery operated toys in our house. This "a laptop" has
> been a christmas request for 2 years. Mom does not bleave in letting
> her watch tv. I did not think that the barbie special laptop was worth
> the pouder to blow it to hell. So I thought that if she wants a
> laptop, I should get her something that she can acctualy use rather
> than play with. I am loading Beatrix potter and educational games on
> it. She will probably get board with it in a little while but if she
> doesn't then she can learn to type, a skill everyone needs in this day
> and age. And yes I am a geek but do not fource my geekyness on anyone
> espesellay my daughter.

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