Re: [NTLK] Free card for WNA membership

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Sat Dec 25 2004 - 04:18:31 PST

Clare Shepherd said:

> Frank,
> I joined the WW-Newton Association, a day or two ago. Do I qualify for =

> card? I am retired so only paid the reduced sub.

Hi Clare,

you certainly qualify. It doesn't matter if you paid for the full or the
subscription. A member is a member ;-)
Apart from that, students, unemployed and retired people do, in my
humble opinion, qualify ESPECIALLY for the free or discounted card, =
often are a bit less affluent than others who have a steady job.

Please forward me the PayPal confirmation for your payment, let me know=20
in which Newton model(s) you want the card to be formatted and tested,
and don't forget to add your postal address. If you want additional
cards, they are 18 Euros apiece or 12 Euros with a (per card) donation =
at least 5 Euros to the WNA ( or=20
NewtonTalk (

> I'm a real newbie, as my Newt only arrived from Russ this morning,=20
> at 8.30.

Congratulations. Good decision to buy from Russ.

> Altho' it's already got two names and my partner thinks I'm both mad
> and in love with a machine!

As for mad, my partner thinks along the same lines. Sometimes,=20
when we receive yet another big box of Newton parts in doubtful
condition, though, her thoughts have a tendency to stray into
the more dangerous area of how to remove a husband in a way that will
look like an accident...

Merry Christmas


PS Russ and me would like to ask any new WNA members or WNA/NewtonTalk
donators who want a discounted card that they mention the card sale and
either mine or Russ' name somewhere in the PayPal payment form, this'll
make things easier for us.=20

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