Re: [NTLK] Newton voice recording

From: Thomas Hart (
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 07:18:07 PST

I don't know about the others, but I have used a 2000 and a 2100 to
record interviews and notes. The notepad recordings are too small to be
really practical. VoiceNotes works great, lots of options for quality
etc., and you can record as much as you have space for. I have a 32meg
linear flash card which gives me 200+ minutes of recording time. I
also, don't know about now, but earlier versions of the ATA driver
couldn't work fast enough to be used to directly record to.

An audio dongle, iMic and Final Vynil on a TiBook make transfer easy.
Have even used it with limited, but passable success with iListen as
transcription conduit.


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