Re: [NTLK] 2004 Newtie award voting time

From: DJ Vollkasko (
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 12:57:39 PST

> Subject: Re: [NTLK] 2004 Newtie award voting time
> Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2004 10:28:12 -0700
> From: Grant Hutchinson <>
> In a previous message, Martin Joseph typed vigorously:
>>> How come when I go to vote, the first three categories say that I
>>> have
>>> already voted? I've hit the page from three different IP addresses
>>> and
>>> the same thing happens. Any ideas?
>> I'm just a lowly serf of newtdom, but...
>> Are you using a proxy perhaps?
> No proxy. Direct internet connection through software router. Static IP
> address. No NAT. No port filtering or mapping. No firewall. Three
> different Macs. Cookies cleared. I have a feeling that Rich's script is
> somehow holding on to cached IP addresses from last year's voting.

I had the same effect voting. I thought it was a unique experience and
an exception in an otherwise fair and democratic election.

But now since I have realised this election is rigged (I should have
known it - I mean, Americans and electronic voting machines, not!), I
feel I have to protest the outcome of the election on behalf of
International World-Newtonism and demand OSCE and UN election monitors
watching Mr. Richs digits.


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