[NTLK] New eBook coming! 'How-To Guide for .MP3 Music on the MP 2100'

From: MKow1234_at_aol.com
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 13:49:40 PST

Hello Everybody,
I just finished a 'beta version' of a how-to guide for learning the basics of
the .MP3 burning and .PKG conversion process, for those wishing to get their
music files onto their Newton MP 2100. I selected a friend as a 'beta tester',
and the final polished version will follow shortly! :O)

I still have not heard any feedback from MP 2000 users, with regard to
'MadMax' music file playback. My own preliminary testing with a 2000 failed,
although everything works fine on an MP 2100. It would be nice to know definitively
why this does not work on mine. Come on developing people! I need information
on this!

I could also use some Newton screen shots that show the Newton screen with
the 'MadMax' application running, and also possibly a PC desktop screen shot or
two of various file ripping apps at work. It would be nice to add such
illustrations to the eBook, prior to final publication. Anyone?

Matt K.

PS Yes, 'Kasko, I finished working on that other 'priority assignment'
earlier today. ;O)

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