Re: [NTLK] question about wifi files

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 22:23:09 PST

À (At) 14:47 -0800 27/12/04, paul oberman écrivait (wrote) :
>i am trying to figure out why this wavelan wifi card isn't working.
>the card, when inserted, generates a spash screen. i am not getting
>this. i am getting an error 48807.


An error number often doesn't mean much, unfortunately. This is
particularly true of your error, since it's a NewtonScript error
(Undefined variable) and it just means there is a bug in some code or
some bits of code don't interact well together.

To help you solve your problem, we can either tell you to restart
from the beginning (check what packages are installed and such) or
try to debug the error you get.

I'll go the second path.
Get BugTrap.

Install it on your Newton. Enable it and check catch exceptions.

Then insert your card. It will create a note with debug information.
This debug information will be useful to figure out why you get the
-48807 error. Send it my way. Obviously, either you miss a package,
or some configuration data is corrupted.

Your problem is probably related to this error. When you try to
connect, you simply cannot connect to the WiFi network (this is why
none of the two leds is powered on, not blinking), and you get either
cannot reach the DHCP server if you have an automatic configuration
or cannot reach the DNS server if you have a manual configuration.
This is a typical symptom of not being able to connect to a wireless
network (unfortunately the Newton doesn't tell you this explicitly).
And the causes are usually a configuration problem. But since you
have an error instead of getting the card slip, let's investigate
this error first.


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