Re: [NTLK] Do Bronze Lucent cards work - serious question

From: Gerry Martinez (
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 12:57:05 PST

>Mine works flawlessly. I've had it for 3 weeks and have used it both at
>home and in locations with public WiFi access. Maybe he just has a
>defective card?
>Craig Smith

Craig and others,
I'm a new user to the Newton platform and recently (yesterday) received my
wireless PC card from an Ebay buy (Proxim RangeLAN DS 802.11b). I've got a
Apple PowerMac G4 as my main computer hooked up to a Cisco Wireless-G
Broadband router (always on) and use a Compaq 906US Laptop up stairs with
wireless PC card.
I was interested in your comments that you haven't had any problems using
your setup at home or in other WiFi areas.
What instructions did you use to set up your Newton?
I found a couple of sources but if you can give me some directions I would
be most appreciative!
Gerry in San Antonio

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This is the NewtonTalk list - for all inquiries
Official Newton FAQ:
WikiWikiNewt for all kinds of articles:

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