[NTLK] PowerTrans update

From: John M Powell (jp_at_iwillbefree.com)
Date: Tue Dec 28 2004 - 13:39:49 PST

PowerTrans owners - PT4 is now online for you to download. There are a few
new features, and MUCH larger dictionaries. Frank Wegener (creator of PT)
had tested it some, and I installed and ran myself... it appears to be
stable, but PLEASE CONSIDER IT TO BE 'beta' (do a full backup before
installing). I also noticed much better success installing the dictionaries
internally first (install, move to card, install next one internally, etc).
Hopefully there aren't any issues with it. I have the source code for
PT3.2.2, but the source for PT4 was apparantly lost in a drive crash years

Note that you must already be a registered owner of PT3.2.2 to use PT4.

If you have questions or wish to register, please catch me by Jan 10th. I am
going overseas for 6 weeks and will NOT have my Newton with me (wouldn't be
able to generate reg. code).


John M Powell

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