Re: [NTLK] Do Bronze Lucent cards work - serious question

From: Clayton Mitchell (
Date: Wed Dec 29 2004 - 09:45:45 PST

Terence Griffin wrote:

>Clayton Mitchell ( wrote:
> >card but the card slip (like I should) when I insert the card. I
> >have NIE2, NIE patch, Lantern patch, Newton Internet, Newton
> >Devices, Wavelan driver, More WiFi cards installed. I have
> >configured my emate with
> You didn't mention the NIE Ethernet support module (enetsup.pkg).
> That has to be installed too. An all of these packages need to
> be installed on the internal store, not a card.
> - Tere (
Is there a difference between NIE2 and the NIE Ethernet support module?
because I have the NIE Ethernet support installed.

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