Re: [NTLK] wiki

From: Clayton Mitchell (
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 09:17:00 PST

Benedek Gergely wrote:

>I want to add a page to the wiki newt on the internet page, setting up
>a PPP link over serial isnt there.
>Anyone know how to add a page?
Hello I am not sure which wiki platform they are using but most wikis
have formating that you can use to indicate links to pages, even if the
pages do not exist.
I pulled this from the wiki

it has double underscore before and after the words to indicate a link.
if it is like other wikis I have used in the past, you can put in a link
like this and submit it. Once you submit it and then click on the new
link you created it will automatically create that page.

if this information is not correct I apologize for any misinformation.

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