Re: [NTLK] Lucent Bronze cards

From: Craig Smith (
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 17:46:06 PST

In a previous message Martin Joseph wrote:


>Also, if anyone on the list is successfully using a Wavelan Bronze
>card, perhaps you could check the back of it and see if it has this
>bootrom:no statement?

I checked the back of my Bronze Turbo and it indeed has the "bootrom:
no" statement.

Also, even though it no longer works at home with my new Airport
Express I took it over to my favorite free WiFi access cafe in town and
it still works flawlessly there, so I really can't complain because
that's the whole point, to have access to e-mail when away from home. I
would suggest that even if you can't get the card to work at home that
you take it out and see if it works in different WiFi environs.

Craig Smith

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