[NTLK] Duplicate entries for WiFi cards

From: Frank Gruendel (fg2_at_pda-soft.de)
Date: Fri Dec 31 2004 - 05:20:18 PST

Paul Oberman said:

> every card is listed twice in the list.

This seems to be caused by the MoreWiFi package. I noticed that,
too, when I prepared the backup for your Newton. I brainwiped my
Newton and only installed the Apple software (4 packages) and
Hiroshi's driver. With that, I was able to connect just fine
with my Lucent Silver turbo card. I then installed MoreWiFi.
The card selection box in the Internet Setup dialog showed two
entries for many cards, among them the Lucent WaveLan card.

You are, by the way, aware that you need to also choose your card
in the preferences -> appletalk section, aren't you?
Without MoreWiFi installed, this worked fine. After installing
MoreWifi, I still was able to select the Lucent driver, but
whenever I re-opened the appletalk section in the preferences,
I didn't see the lucent driver selected, but "NCR WLAN/IEEE".

I was unable to connect to anything as long as MoreWiFi was
installed. Deleting it fixed things, and I could connect again.

I have sent Paul a mail describing this problem, so please do
not flood him with similar mails.



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