[NTLK] Hiroshi's Driver Conversion?

From: Tim Skrastins (timskrastins_at_mac.com)
Date: Fri Dec 31 2004 - 07:28:00 PST

A .sit file is just a 'Stuffit' compressed file. Either decompress it
on your Mac (which should already have the Stuffit Expander) or
download the free Stuffit Expander for Windows. (www.allume.com)

Lucent WaveLAN Silver working great!

> Hi all,
> Just a quick question, I'm getting ready to set up my WiFi card.
> Here is my current setup:
> 1. A wireless PC card from an Ebay buy (Proxim RangeLAN DS 802.11b).
> 2. I've got a Apple PowerMac G4 as my main computer hooked up to a
> Cisco
> Wireless-G Broadband router (always on).
> 3. And use a Compaq Presario 906US Laptop up stairs with wireless PC
> card.
> 4. Newton 2000 upgraded to a 2100.
> I'm currently using the Compaq Presario laptop as the main NCU device.
> When I tried to download the Hiroshi driver it downloads it as a "sit"
> file and I cannot load it into the Newton?
> My question is.....
> Is there a Windows version (pkg) of Hiroshi's driver?
> Do I have to use some type of conversion system?
> Should I use the PowerMac to load just this one piece of software
> If anyone can give me some directions I would be most appreciative!
> Thanks,
> Gerry in San Antonio

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