[NTLK] rtf in In/Out (and over Bluetooth)

From: Giulio Marchi <emfdb_at_tiscali.it>
Date: Mon May 01 2006 - 16:10:52 EDT

Hi everybody,

As I read in http://messagepad.chez-alice.fr/Bluetooth/Bluetooth.html,
Bluetooth connection is supposed to be able to handle rtf files.
Actually I manage to transfer them to the Newton and eventually they
show up in InOut.

The problem is that I am not figuring out any way in order to "put them
away" or to directly open them "in InOut". In case they could be
needed, I have IC/VC and also Paper Stationery (but probably the former
is not even supposed to deal with rtf and the latter is used by Mail V
only, I don't know). Eventually I realized that also importing a rtf
through a "Fetch URL" leads to the same results: it shows up in InOut
but I can not handle it anyway. Actually, also exporting a formatted
document from Works to the Mac through Bluetooth, it was received as a
simple txt file in the Mac. So probably the real question is: how can
rtf be handled in InOut?

I know, rtf can be transferred to/from the Newton through serial and
NCU but still I was curious about doing it through Bluetooth or

I have the feeling that either I am missing something *really* basic
here or it is not possible...

Thanks for any info,


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