Re: [NTLK] rtf in In/Out (and over Bluetooth)

From: Giulio Marchi <>
Date: Tue May 02 2006 - 05:02:45 EDT

Il giorno 01/mag/06, alle 22:25, Woody Smith ha scritto:
> For the really basic
> did you place check mark next to the item in the inbox?

> then use the put away tag, I believe rtf would be put away to notes
No put away tag. I recall it just appeared once (?) doing nothing. All
the other times I had the "log" only.

Il giorno 02/mag/06, alle 00:16, Steven Frank ha scritto:
> I think I was able to view 'em with formatting in the inbox, using
> the Paper stationery. But as soon as you put away: sadness.
I can not even view them in the inbox (apart than in the list itself):
when I click on them, I just have the usual message about not having
the correct stationery (that's where I thought Paper Stationery could
have fit).

I just realized that rtf files show up in the inbox as, let's say
"qwe.rtf", but the message for the "Bluetooth ones" reads differently
than the message of the "FetchURL ones":
- Bluetooth: This uses stationery that is not installed and cannot be
displayed. (unknown)
- FetchURL: This uses stationery that is not installed and cannot be
displayed. (text/rtf)

Paper Stationery is in the internal store (freezing and thawing did not
change the result).

Still in the darkness. More and more curious about the reference to rtf
file transfer in


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