[NTLK] FS: Upgraded 2100 Package

From: Chris Chapman <chrisc_at_clouds.net>
Date: Tue May 02 2006 - 23:42:02 EDT

Hi All,

I am selling my Newton 2100 Package.

Here's what it includes:

Upgraded Newton 2100 w/ SER-001
Screen Cover, Door, Whatever
Rechargeable Battery
Tough Leather Case
Nylon Holster w/ Shoulder Strap
Original Nylon Case
Leather Fliptop Case
Extra Original Stylus (still in packaging)
PrintPack Cable
Modified Battery Tray (Allows Charging)
Newton Keyboard
20MB Card
33.6 Modem Card (X-Jack)
10bT Ethernet Card (X-Jack)
1 PCMCIA Blank
1 Serial Dongle
1 Retractable Phone Cord
1 Newtontalk.net Button
1 Newtboot Case
1 Localtalk Adaptor
1 Sheet of Newton Stickers
1 Mac Serial Cable (Black)
1 PC Serial Cable (Black)
Assorted Manuals
2 9W Newton Chargers

If you don't mind, I have installed several software packaged. I have
MoreInfo 5, MPG, Pocket Money, Newtscape all registered. If you keep
my owner card you can use these software packages no problem. I am
asking $250 plus shipping for this package. If you are interested,
let me know. I broke my old upgraded 2100, but I bought this
replacement not so long ago on eBay, it works great!


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