Re: [NTLK] Jaggies make me sad

From: Ed Kummel <>
Date: Thu May 04 2006 - 17:58:40 EDT

I agree.
  I had a mp2000 that I managed to get in under the wire to Apple and have them fix the Jaggies on my original MP. That machine lasted me years! untill one of my memory slots went dead on me...that sucked. So, I started using my backup newt (it used to be a webserver) and that one stayed with me for another couple of was beaten up, the case cracked in several places and started to look bad. It also started to develop the Jaggies...Then one day, I dropped my keys on the screen and dug a big gouge out of the touch screen plastic...oh had jaggies I ended up purchasing an replacement 2100 on eBay...This one is in rather good shape, it's only missing one door clip, but I can replace that from one of my other Newts...and after I restored everythnig to my replacement Newt, I barely notice that this is not the Newt I've been using for years...
  I hate the Jaggies too!
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Tony Kan <> wrote:

I commisserate with you; IMO jaggies are the nemesis of the Newton; and the
biggest weakness of the platform; worse than connectivity; it seems that
eventually (and inevitably?) all the said fixes don't work and a new
touchscreen is called for. Sometimes it feels like sitting on a timebomb.

I persevered with a 2100, which developed jaggies and progressively got
worse, for months, but I was fortunate that Doug Parker fixed one for me by
replacing the screen; he is my nominee for sainthood; its difficult to
describe the relief experienced when I was able to return to work without

Hopefully the cost of a replacement unit is not beyond your budget.

Warm regards

Tony Kan

New Zealand


So, I have three 2x00 series Newtons all with varying degrees of
failing touchscreens. Sadness. :( Here's hoping that Einstein is
progressing nicely...

I'm not sure why I'm posting this, other than to add my jaggies
experience to the NTLK archives for future reference, and maybe as
sort of a group therapy process. Is this the part where we all hug?

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