[NTLK] Why I don't buy from Knowledge Navigator (Example #3)

From: RAParker <quadzillanet_at_newted.org>
Date: Fri May 05 2006 - 14:19:52 EDT

Trust me KN, I'm only trying to help you...

Take a look at your ebay ad for a Newton 2100 Battery Tray:

OK... $9.99 IS a fair market value for a simple plastic battery tray.
Add $5 for shipping and I'd be all over it.

But wait...

Buy It Now is $29.99? Includes free shipping...maybe...I'm not sure...I
NEVER KNOW what the true final cost of your auctions will be, just BY
READING your ads. OK...OK...OK...I'm digressing, back to the $29.99 Buy
It Now price. To be honest with you, that's about $15 more than I'm
willing to pay for it. So...I start looking at the current bid price.

Hmmm...$9.99 + shipping. What's the shipping cost? About halfway
through your ad I read this in the terms:

---> "Non Buy it now will add an additional $15 shipping and optional
$5 insurance" <---

The total? $24.99 + $5 optional insurance!? The Lord knows, you better
get the insurance (READ: extortion) because if you don't, you will not
have a leg to stand on if something were to happen.

Do I need to lay it out for you? I will anyway...

---> DO YOU NOT SEE that, although you've explained the terms in plain
english, you appear to be deceptive? <---

$20 for shipping?! Come on!!! What's the cost to ship a small piece of
plastic? I've sold stuff on ebay before and I know it doesn't cost more
than $5 postage via USPS Priority (2-3 Day) mail. The shipping box is
free (with USPS Priority mail service). The popcorn peanuts are free,
at least at MY post office they are, they have two trash cans full of
the stuff that they recycle back to the public. Is there a lot of
effort to pack and ship this small plastic item so that it will arrive

Adios...no sale...see ya! On to the next auction.

For $33 I can get a refurbished, rechargeable battery pack from one of
your competitors:


Notice, this auction INCLUDES the 2450mAH batteries, but does not
include ANY questions as to the final cost. I know exactly what I
getting and, I know exactly how much it's going to cost me...no
deceptive b*llsh*t between u and the i.


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