Re: [NTLK] Newton users in the UK?

From: edward mccaughan <>
Date: Fri May 05 2006 - 20:22:46 EDT

Andy Hill wrote:
> Hi there
> I am interested to know the following:
> 1) Is there currently an active Newton User group in the UK? (NuuK?, Unuk?)
> 2) Has there ever been a Newton Convention in the UK? If so when was the
> last one?
> 3) Are there any Newton users in the South West area?
> Thanks
> Andy

theres one hiding about somewhere. I got an email ages ago asking me to
go to a meetup, so it definitely exists (or used to exist) somewhere.
Presumably this was the UKNUG russ mentioned.

(UKNUG has a yahoo group at by
the way)

I'm now in the southwest of england and since there is no longer the big
pile of water and several hundred miles separating me from london I
would definitely be up for a meeting. (I'm still bitter about missing
the france WWNC)

All in favour of a london/somewhere in england newton convention thing
raise their hands!
(and presumably anyone in Europe who can be bothered coming)


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