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From: RAParker <>
Date: Sat May 06 2006 - 14:56:35 EDT

On May 5, 2006, at 5:01 PM, edward mccaughan wrote:

> howdy, I've been putting together some newton books and have been
> having
> a bit of trouble getting them actually onto the newton.
> does the newton normally have problems with big packages?

Well, I've probably built the biggest Newton book ever:


   The U.S. Army Field Manual
   FM 3-25.26 Map Reading and Land Navigation

               Newton Press source file: 2.5MB
            Package Size (uncompressed): 3.0MB
    Download Size (compressed .sea.hqx): 2.3MB
         Flash RAM Required (installed): 2250K
                   Total (Newton) Pages: 764
              Number of Bitmap Graphics: 180

Yes, I had a problem or two, trying to download this to my Newton 120
v2.0. Solution: Freeze everything & Restart your Newton. Then, run the
dock application. Naturally, a book this size must be loaded on an
external flash card.

> When I transfer them I either get an out of memory error (usually
> curable by restarting and trying again) or a ridiculously helpful "item
> could not be put away".
> I think that last one may be because the internal store doesn't have
> enough room on it. does anyone know how to make InOut put items away to
> a card?

Select the Card application in Extras, there is a check box that says
to use the internal store for a new items.

> oh, and for details sake, this is over bluetooth with blunt and ic/vc
> etc.

oooo...I want to do that!

Good luck,


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