Re: [NTLK] Intel MacBook Pro and Newton ?

From: Norman Palardy <>
Date: Wed May 10 2006 - 09:38:33 EDT

On May 10, 2006, at 5:00 AM, Morgan Aldridge wrote:

> I use my MessagePad 2100 with my MacBook Pro and it works fine...
> except for syncing.
> I primarily use Escale (part of the DCL:
> newton/dcl/en) for installing packages via TCP/IP (it's sync feature
> is not functional) and have tried NewtSync, but was unsuccessful at
> getting any of my data to actually complete the synchronization. The
> most luck I've had is with a Pico BlueTooth card and Eckhart Köppen's
> Blunt ( BlueTooth stack. Of course, you're
> limited in what files you can transfer back and forth via BlueTooth,
> but it works great for notes and packages.
> I have experimented with getting the Intel build of SheepShaver
> ( working on my
> MBP, but I haven't really been pushing myself too hard there. It'll
> work eventually.
> Morgan Aldridge
> --

About the kind of experience I'd expected to hear.

I'm beginning to wonder if my little green friend isn't doomed to
suffer from isolation because I can't sync it with my MacBook.

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